Analyst Relations Execution

The Kea team has comprehensive, hands on experience with Analyst Relations from multiple perspectives. We can demonstrate a proven track-record as associates within renowned analyst firms, as marketing and Analyst Relations managers at successful technology vendors and as IT and business managers at large enterprise organisations. Our team knows, like no other, why tech vendors succeed or fail in their Analyst Relations efforts. We help our customers do it right.


Your buyers are heavily influenced by research and analysts – as an example over 70% of the Fortune 1000 firms and many smaller firms leverages Analyst Outsource Grey 500x500analyst insight when buying technology solutions, validating their strategy and acquiring promising technology vendors. Subject to respecting analyst in-dependence and objectivity, you can indeed control analyst influence by exploiting the opportunities to share the information you want to convey.

Analyst influence could mean both recommendations for your offerings to potential buyers and partners as well as coverage of your company in research read by your clients and prospects. For any successful technology vendor Analyst Relations is the amplifier of their success.


Setting up and executing your programme from scratch and/or taking your existing programme to the next level.

With our Outsource Analyst Relations service you can rely on our professionals to efficiently run your analyst relations programme and act as part of your team to generate the best possible results. We have the expertise and tools to deliver a professional analyst relations programme for you and enable you to operate a best of class analyst relations programme with minimal internal effort. By acting as your in-house analyst relations manager we provide cost effective way to operate an analyst relations programme and ensure your company is on the radar of all relevant analyst firms. 

Programme deliverables

  • Determining the Analyst Relations goals and strategy based on your overarching business strategy.
  • Identifying all relevant analysts from the relevant analyst firms, classified as Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3.
  • Active outreach to target analysts on your behalf to facilitate information flow and interactions with the analysts.
  • Planning, organising and tracking interactions, such as vendor/analyst briefings, event attendance and analyst inquiries.
  • Developing briefing presentations such as powerpoint presentations, which may require participation by the executive suite, product management and marketing communications.
  • Identifying where the analysts are going to be at what times. This includes global and/or continental conferences, local briefings, and other third party events to facilitate face to face meetings.
  • Keeping track of upcoming research publications  in your space and ensuring your company is on the analysts’ radar for participation.
  • Supporting you in research questionnaire participation to optimise your positioning in publications like Magic Quadrats, Waves, Vendor Matrices and MarketScapes.
  • Regular reviews of analyst relations strategy, positioning and goals to ensure your analyst relations program stays on track.

Not sure what Analyst Relations is all about and if it is a fit for your company?

When starting with analyst relations companies often realise that the task lying ahead of them is pretty daunting. If you are unsure how to get started or how to ensure that Analyst Relations will help you achieve your business goals we offer two options to help you get started:


Get all the information you need to make an informed decision and to avoid costly mistakes! This ‘stand alone’ workshop is tailored to help you to evaluate the potential and requirements of engaging in analyst relations from your company’s specific situation.

The Kea Company Analyst Relations Discovery Workshop will address the following topics and help you to:

  • explore the level of coverage of your technology space
  • understand the internal resources required to kick-off an analyst relations program
  • plan a budget that aligns with the goals of your AR program
  • identify the key analyst firms for your company
  • get independent feedback on types, benefits and costs of analyst firm subscriptions
  • optimize your analyst pitch
  • get a better understanding of key content needed for Analyst Relations
  • avoid common pitfalls when engaging with analysts.


Often a lack of knowledge about which resources, budget or content is required to successfully launch an Analyst Relations program leads to costly postponing and avoidance. Bring in an expert who has been doing this for years, knows how to play the game, and can help you use analysts to meet your goals sooner. Hit the ground running with Kea’s two months ‘Kick-off Package’ with little investment or effort on your part.

  • 1-year AR plan, including all engagements and activities
  • AR goals and metrics aligned with your business objectives
  • List of 10 prioritized analysts, plus key reports and peer review sites
  • Introductions to prioritized analysts
  • Analyst deck and preparation for initial briefing
  • Investment recommendations – how to spend the least for the most results


Analyst Relations plays an important role in building your brand and shaping the perception of your company in the market by interacting with the right analysts at the right time. As in most cases involving interpersonal relationships, it is the first impression that counts the most. Why would you approach the handful of relevant analysts for your technology niche without making 100% sure that you understand how the game is played?

As we have defined in the FAQ, an Analyst Relations programme is a managed sequence of interactions by a technology provider with relevant members of the IT Industry Analyst Community, which include vendor/analyst briefings, analyst inquiries, industry events, workshops and other types of engagements, designed to gain credibility, better control influence and enable superior decision making.

Chances are that the analyst you are speaking with, is covering a large number of vendors and has listened to a huge number of companies trying to “sell” the superiority of their solution. So if you are willing to compete with your competition in the field of Analyst Relations, getting that interaction right is key. Trying won’t be enough when you want to compete on a global level and when messing things up might mean that you won’t get a second chance to fix things.

Thank you for your interest in our services. We are always looking for meaningful interactions. Moreover we appreciate you providing us with the information needed to make that happen.