Why Your Tech Company Should Have An Analyst Relations Program

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Analyst Relations Execution

We help you setup and execute your Analyst Relations program. By properly interacting with the right analyst at the right time we ensure that your company is on the analysts’ radar and gets the attention and recognition it deserves.

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Analyst Relations Workshops

Learn about key aspects of Analyst Relations. From the basics of getting into analyst relations to identifying opportunities and risks to develop your AR skills. Our AR workshops cut accross all major areas of an analyst relations practice.

"Your clients and competitors talk to analysts, and you need to be part of that conversation too."

Kea Company enables technology vendors to maximise their business results through navigating and leveraging the industry analyst and influencer ecosystem. Today more than ever, influencer relations is a determining success component, considering that 50% of buying decisions are based on influencer activity. Our professionals gained their industry insights through years of experience as influencer relations professionals, IT industry analysts and business executives. Whether you are a well-established vendor or an emerging - but ambitious - technology provider, Kea Company can handle your influencer relations requirements.

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Kea Company is a people driven business. The quality of our people defines the service level we provide to our customers. For over ten years, we have recruited and developed some of the best people within the industry. They are intelligent professionals with an average of over twenty years hands-on experience in influencer marketing and business advisory.

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